Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party. Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party. Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party.

Positive sustainable transformation. Kingdom aims to become an ‘Impact Neutral Event’ by 2022.


Every year the UK festival industry uses 184.5 million litres of water, creates 25,800 tonnes of waste and 24,261 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – that’s 1.9kg per person, per day. It goes without saying the scene has the potential to play a vital role in the fight against climate change. Kingdom is committed to being a part of the positive and sustainable transformation of music festivals, starting in 2020 and for the years to come.

The industry is improving thanks to increased awareness, ambition, and innovation, but there is still a long way to go. Kingdom aims to become an ‘Impact Neutral Event’ by 2022, through measuring and reducing environmental impact and giving back to the environment and community.

Everything has an impact, and while it may not be possible to completely eliminate all our impact on the immediate environment, we will give back to society through investments in innovative projects which tackle those impacts.

We cannot improve without understanding; we will measure where we are today, and where we could be tomorrow. Time and resources will be invested in the right systems and practices to reduce our overall impact.

Our strategy is simple; measure, reduce & give back.

A collaborative approach to a party.


This is our sustainability symbol; it will be Kingdom’s ever-present reminder that we all share a collective responsibility to be conscious of and reduce our environmental impact. At Kingdom our mission of positive sustainable transformation demands considered efforts from all of us.

While you are at the festival, we ask you all to respect one another, the beautiful grounds of Belvoir castle, and our planet.

You’re likely to create 6kg of waste during your time at Kingdom – that’s the same amount as a whole household creates in a week. To help us reduce this impact, please only bring what you need and avoid single-use materials.

There is a £5 waste deposit included in your ticket price, which you’ll get back at the end of the weekend by returning a full waste bag when you leave. We ask you to try and minimise your individual impact around your camp and pitch, by taking home what you brought with you and clearing any waste you may have created.

Route2 – empowering systemic sustainable change.


Route2 is a leading sustainability consultancy which specialises in the measurement and evaluation of environmental and social impacts. Route2 will be using the award-winning Total Capital Accounting framework to help Kingdom quantify and evaluate the festival’s total impact and assist Kingdom in becoming an Impact Neutral Event by 2022.

The quantification of where we are today, to understand where we could be tomorrow.


Route2 will first undertake a comprehensive impact assessment of the festival from year 1. Impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste, and ambient air pollutants, will all be measured against their social costs.

These social costs are the hidden costs of Kingdom felt by others who have no control over how they were created – like the social costs of flooding associated with climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Evaluation allows us to compare different impacts so we can introduce the most effective strategy to reduce our overall impact on the environment. Our reduction will be target based, quantitative, and use industry best practice.

By 2022, evaluation will allow Kingdom to understand how much investment is required to compensate for its social costs and therefore become Impact Neutral. All investments will be equal to the social cost of the impact and be invested in a project that tackle it. For example, for every £1 of social cost associated with greenhouse gas emissions, £1 would be allocated to affordable cookstoves in Uganda which halve carbon pollution per household.

Giving back is the final step to becoming Impact Neutral. 2020 is our baseline year for measuring and reducing our environmental impact. From 2022 we will fully understand the impacts and social costs of our festival. We aim to be Impact Neutral from 2022 onwards.