Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party. Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party. Kingdom A collaborative approach to a party.
Kingdom postponed until summer 2021
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Over the past month, COVID-19 has begun to shake the live event space in a way no one could have predicted. In light of the ever worsening situation, and what’s being projected in the months ahead, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to postpone Kingdom until summer 2021.


As the severity of COVID-19’s impact becomes clearer, it has raised some serious challenges and decisions regarding this summer. Given the current level of uncertainty, we have decided that pushing forward with Kingdom in 2020 is unfortunately not an option for us. 


We have a truly ambitious vision for Kingdom, bringing together music and architecture in a way that the UK has not seen before. If we were forced to make this decision further down the line, we would risk compromising the concept that we have worked so hard to create.


We remain fully committed to realising our vision for Kingdom, on the same site, with the same concept and collaborators in 2021, and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible that have already bought tickets, next year. Refunds will be made available within the next two weeks, however we do appeal to those who can afford it, to defer your ticket to 2021’s event. We’re an independent business with a small team and the impact this situation could have on our business cannot be overstated.


We have been touched by the wonderful response to the project thus far and we would like to thank everyone who has reached out in support, to everyone who has engaged with us to ask how they can get involved, and to all our collaborators and partners who took the leap of faith in joining us on this adventure. 


This is a very sad time for everyone in the live event space, hospitality and arts more broadly. The virus has had unimaginable effects for event organisers, artists, suppliers and all those who work in this fantastic industry. The likes of such a cataclysmic event are so rare and we are not the only ones in pain right now. Our thoughts go out to you all in this very weird moment in time and we remain hopeful that happier times are not too far away.


All our love,


Team Kingdom